I firmly believe that the interaction between art and history speaks to people on many levels. The two continue to inform each other, offering opportunities to study the past and explore how they may shape the future.

Artwork inspired by historical events and people, can act as a catalyst for remembrance and impact the public experience of commemoration.  Presenting personal stories as well as common experiences may arouse a curiosity to remember or forget a particular past.

The driving force behind my artwork has been the study of the American workers who were the bedrock of our industrial strength and diverse culture.  My family were immigrant farmers and laborers. Their stories and ones like them are the stories I want to tell. My desire has been to capture their spirit, tenacity and hope.

My installations transform space into an interactive living history, offering many viewpoints and a sense of animation. Patterns and colors shift, animating the figures and transforming the light.

This is the time to be reminded that the American worker is at the heart of the issues we are facing in these politically divided times and that their stories are evocative, poignant, unique and need to be told.

Deborah Baronas

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