September 28, 2019-March 15, 2020

Fuller Craft has partnered with the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office, Brockton Hospital, High Point Treatment Center, and Stonehill College in sponsoring this project.

"She was not what you would expect a heroin addict to look like, she died from a fentanyl overdose." I was struck by how indiscriminate opioid addiction is, how the stereotype of the substance user as a degenerate, disenfranchised human being is so wrong.
My goal was to personify those “types” of individuals who become substance users. Within this interactive installation, patterns created by layered figures abstract the subjects and create a cocoon-like den contributing to the miasma born out of substance use disorders.

Installation 12'w x 4'd x 10'h, printed gauze layers and canvas backdrop.

​work in progress...

Beyond Stereotype

Human Impact: Stories of the Opioid Epidemic

Fuller Craft Museum

The opioid epidemic is now the deadliest drug crisis in American history.  Eleven artists were invited to explore the consequences of the opioid crisis through the lens of families who have been deeply impacted.